Wellness Analysis


The ZYTO technology simply allows you to place your hand on the hand cradle, and the computer runs through a sequence of painless assessments. It creates an electronic “conversation” between the client’s skin (the largest organ) and the Elite computerized software program. The program begins to pinpoint the best approach to bring the body back into balance with foods, supplements, essential oils and/or natural remedies that are most compatible with it.

This cutting-edge technology is especially wonderful for children, as our analysis is quick, painless, and can be paused and completed in short intervals.



Body Composition Analyzer is a cutting-edge tool designed to offer insights into weight management, fitness progress, and nutritional imbalances. It’s an essential part of our offering, bridging technology with holistic health to deliver a comprehensive and tailored wellness experience.

Utilizing advanced technology, it scans your body to provide detailed analysis including metrics on fat, muscle mass, and overall wellness. What sets it apart is the ability to scan a QR code with your phone, allowing you to read all the analysis conveniently on your device. This personalized approach empowers you to understand your body’s unique composition and align your wellness practices accordingly.


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