Our Mission

Redefining wellness through healing and rejuvenation

SoliVana Wellness Spa is a sanctuary devoted to the art of self-care, biohacking, and anti-aging. We offer a haven where you can disconnect from daily stress and reconnect with your inner self. Our commitment is to pioneering wellness with rejuvenating, science-backed services designed to enhance your quality of life.

Our Name

Our Name

At SoliVana, our name embodies our essence. 'Soli' means 'salts' in Slavic languages and 'sun' in Latin. 'Vana', is a nod to 'Nirvana' - a place of perfect peace and happiness. Together the two symbolize our foundational belief in the purifying and transcendent power of our therapies. It reflects our commitment to helping you achieve a serene state of mind and a revitalized body.
Our Founders

Our Founders

Natasha and Anna are the dynamic duo that co-founded SoliVana as a sanctuary for holistic well-being. With a background that marries science and spirituality, Natasha has always been a keen biohacker, constantly exploring ways to optimize human potential. Anna brings a wealth of experience in marketing, design and client relations to the team. Their complementary skills and shared passion for holistic wellness have made SoliVana a go-to destination for those seeking a balanced, fulfilling life.
Our Space

Our Space

Located in the heart of Redwood City, CA, our spa is designed as a warm and tranquil escape from daily life, focusing on innovative therapies that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Its serene space is infused with with natural elements and soft colors and subtle lighting. Each therapy room offers privacy and peace, encouraging you to unwind. SoliVana is more than a spa; it’s a place to linger and feel a lasting sense of well-being.


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1922 El Camino Real

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